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Claude Parish Memorial Arena

Houston, BC


Yeti Refrigeration installed a dual system ammonia plant in Houston BC. This system is 100% redundant and the prime mover inputs per system are each less than 50 kilowatts. Replacing the old shell and tube chiller with two Alfa Laval plate and frame chillers reduced the ammonia charge from 800lbs to 100lbs. Yeti connected the curling club to the arena plant, successfully providing chilled brine to the club and resurrecting curling in Houston.

Taylor District Ice Centre

Taylor, BC


Yeti Refrigeration reduced the ammonia charge in Taylor, BC by 70% with the installation of a new chiller. In addition to reducing their NH3 charge, this new Alfa Laval plate and frame chiller will provide increased plant efficiency, and has reduced their electrical consumption year over year by 40%. We also replaced their condenser and added a Worksafe BC approved access platform. This job was completed in October 2018.

Cariboo Memorial Recreation Centre

Williams Lake, BC


Yeti Refrigeration removed two shell and tube flooded ammonia chillers and replaced them with a dual circuit brine Alfa Laval plate and frame chiller. The Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers allowed us to lower the system charge from 1600lbs to 200lbs. We also replaced the evaporative condenser with a plate and frame condenser paired with a new BAC fluid cooler. Yeti completed this low charge and high efficiency ice plant on time and on budget in August 2019.

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