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Heat Pumps Are an Efficient, Affordable, and Flexible Choice.

Living in Northern BC can have its challenges. With our cold winter temperatures, heating your home is a genuine concern. Yeti Refrigeration offers practical heating and cooling solutions perfectly suited to our northern climate and unique location requirements.

Based in Prince George, BC, Yeti Refrigeration serves a broad area, including the region’s inviting, remote communities. Many of our customers call Vanderhoof, Quesnel, Valemount, McBride, and Mackenzie home. Others have recreational getaways or tucked-away lakeside cabins. For them, relying on traditional heating methods like electric, oil, or wood-burning stoves can be difficult and expensive. Many of our clients do not have access to natural gas, or have properties that are not suited to ducted HVAC systems. Thankfully, there is an easy way to ensure that your home is comfortable all year long!

Yeti Refrigeration installs a wide range of Daikin heating and cooling systems.

Intelligent design. Sleek and simple style. Extraordinary energy efficiency.


Daikin heat pumps are designed for our Canadian climate.

Their ductless HVAC solutions are designed to work in temperatures as low as -13°F / -25°C.  Discover the easy temperature control and long-term savings of a heat pump system!

Why Choose an air source Heat Pump?

Environmentally Friendly

  • Utilizes existing heat in the air, rather than burning fuel
  • Electrically driven, no need for natural gas or propane
  • No direct carbon dioxide emissions
  • Up to 4 times more efficient than electric baseboards


  • Can be linked for multiple-zones, or specific to a single room
  • Some solutions can be connected to existing ductwork
  • Also works as an air conditioner in summer, and a heating system in the cooler months. Ideal for seasonal residences!


  • Cost-efficient energy savings of up to 50% over traditional oil furnaces
  • Can supplement existing systems to reduce monthly heating bills (with primary electric systems)
  • Usually pays for itself within 5 years (with primary electric systems)

Easy to Install

    • A single exterior condensing unit, minimal connections, and space-saving indoor units get up and running very quickly, without disrupting your schedule
    • Multi-zone systems allow for unlimited configurations within existing residences


    • Intuitive controls, smart thermostats, and optional remote technology to easily manage your system, even if you’re not at home
    • Minimal maintenance: no need to fill fuel tanks or stoke fires 


    • Inverter technology eliminates hot & cold spots, providing even and consistent heating or cooling
    • Individual room temperature control, even on multi-zone systems
    • Air filtration and purification options 


    • Variable-speed compressors eliminate on/off cycling, so the unit only operates when needed
    • High-efficiency fans, and sound-absorbing casings


    • Included 12-year limited parts warranty
    • Available 12-year unit replacement warranty

    How does a heat pump work?

    Even in cold weather, there is heat in the air! The pump uses the refrigeration cycle to extract and transfer that heat.

    In the cooler seasons, heat from the outdoors is collected by an exterior compressor unit and pushed indoors via a fan. The variable-speed system adjusts to the heating demand and outdoor air temperature, allowing for high performance, even down to -25C. Ductless, unobtrusive, and whisper quiet, it’s a perfectly efficient temperature-control solution. Up to 4 interior units can be linked to a single compressor to bring comfort to an entire house.

    The most efficient heating and cooling solution!

    Get outside and enjoy our enviable Northern BC landscape! You can be confident that your home will be welcoming and cozy when you return.

    We’re Prince George’s most reliable heat pump installers!

    Discover the comfort and convenience of heat pumps.

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    CleanBC is currently offering significant rebates up to $3000 when you upgrade to a heat pump system for your home. Find out if you qualify!

    CleanBC promotes the use of clean and renewable energy. Learn about their important initiatives.

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